Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the skull and the elephant

I took an art class at NAU. I went in knowing nothing about art or painting and came out feeling very accomplished and talented! I'm very proud of my pieces. They still may not be exactly perfect or at all how I pictured them to turn out...but that is kinda how art doesn't always have to be perfect and some time things you didn't mean to do add life and excitement to your work.

The Skull by Brittany Fehr

This is my very first piece...EVER! It is a representation of a still-life that we were given to recreate on a canvas. I had a lot of awesome compliments about my use of vibrant colors and the way unique style I have in capturing light and movement. It made me feel really good to have people say such nice things about my painting, because I became very frustrated with it at the very beginning. I didn't know what to do or where to start. I didn't have a trained eye that could focus on parts of the painting in pieces I felt overwhelmed, but after I put it away and gave myself time to come back to it really started to come to life. Through this first piece I was able to find my style and embrace my unique technique! Even though my skills are still very 'beginner', many people noticed something in my painting that I couldn't see, and their encouragement helped me to continue grow and develop my style as an "artist".

The Elephant by Brittany Fehr

This is my second piece. This is also of a still-life that we were given to recreate. I felt very intimidated at first by this elephant, there was so much detail in his features and his body that I had no idea how to bring all that to life on the canvas. My teacher Franklin Willis helped me by giving me different tools to use and experiment with, this was the end result. At first I hated it and then the more I worked on it the more I liked slowly became more complex than I had ever intended it to be, but I really like it and think it has so great contrast and different elements that make it stand out.

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