Thursday, June 24, 2010

the rebel

when we are young, we feel invincible. we feel like nothing can touch us. we act without a second thought and we risk more than we have. sometimes we get pressured and sometimes we act on our own free will. the glory days of our youth, when we thought it was ok to be so reckless and saw no harm in what we are doing. we laughed in the face of danger and dusted ourselves off when we fell. sometimes your friends were there to pick you up when you fell; and sometimes people who you thought were your friends weren't there to catch you. back then we didn't think past the moment. we ran off the adrenaline surging through our veins, and if there was a chance we could get caught it only heightened the thrill. we never stopped to think
about the bigger picture and what our actions could lead to...

those were the good old days

then when we grow up we realize the consequences. sometimes you learn your lessons the hard way and sometimes you get away with it and the lesson catches up with you later. either way you were usually left with a good story. now that you are older, you have to be responsible. the cost is no longer worth the thrill. when you look back on your youthful years, you think to yourself...

when did i get so boring? ;)

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