Monday, April 18, 2011

the sweetest old lady

Edna Adams

She was the sweetest old lady. She stopped me while walking out of church on sunday morning to compliment my hair. She walked slowly with my fiancé and I out to the parking lot; and explained the damage on the back bumper of her car. She told us that she thought the pole was supposed to move; didn't it know that she couldn't see it.

She loves her car, even though it is old and faded, with a couple of dings and dents. She even said with a smile "it kind of looks like me", and sure enough, her blouse matched the color of her trusty ride.

She looked at our young faces and told us how she had lost her husband 16 years ago. Her instructions to us were to smile a lot and love each other every single moment, as if it were our last.

She was a tiny little lady, standing next to me she only came up to my chin, and I'm 5'3". Her little boney hands grabbed mine without any hesitation. She was precious. She was radiant and even though I had just met this woman, I loved her as if she were my own family. She had wrinkles on her face and soft eyes. She was the sweetest old lady.

Sometimes people come into our lives and they don't stay very long, but they have an impact on our day.

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