Friday, May 11, 2012

the great outdoors

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.  
Author Unknown

Sometimes the best way to rediscover your spouse involves a shovel. 
We spent the day outside soaking up some sun and doing some 
well needed grooming to our yard. 
A brand new home still needs some TLC. 

We let the yard grow out of control over the winter because we predicted that it would be covered in feet of snow, but boy were we wrong! It ended up being one of the warmest winters ever and the yard started to look like a jungle. We waited for the spring to purchase a lawn mower, edge trimmer, and gardening tools to tame our front and back. So we picked a sunny day to step outside and get our hands dirty. 

Oh, then the shirts came off! Mine too! Woo it was a hot one!
I was wearing a sports bra, no need to freak out! And my sweet boy is the only eye candy I need.

With lots of sweat and laughter we made great progress. We were so proud of our accomplishment and the grand improvement of our greenery. 

Still we are nowhere near finished with our vision. 
But we are taking small strides and checking off one 'to-do' at a time. 

It feels so good to work together. To step back and look at what you've done, together. 
It makes you really feel like a grown-up when you are doing yard work for your own house. It's no longer a chore forced on by your parents - when you threaten to call Child Services because you are convinced this kind of work falls under some child labor law.....haha! ;) 

It takes on a whole new meaning and sense of accomplishment when it's your home. 

And it feels really nice when you come inside from a long day, exhausted from the sun, and you fall on the couch together. Take a deep breath and stay there awhile. 

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