Monday, May 21, 2012

the cutest lil bakers rack

I absolutely love my cute lil bakers rack!

I found this piece of furniture at a Goodwill for $30.
I sanded it, stained it to give it some vibrancy 
and spray-painted the hardware. 
I removed the original backing, 
which was thin and worn-out looking,
replaced it with a lighter striped piece 
to give it some contrast. 
I bought this cute little contemporary padded stool 
from Bed Bath and Beyond. 
It has a removable lid which offers a great place 
for additional storage. 
I keep my extra tablecloths folded 
and tucked away it there.  :) 

This is a perfectly comfortable place to sit 
and flip through my cookbooks, 
open and sift through my mail, 
a place to brainstorm and create my to-do list, 
or jot down a quick grocery list.

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