Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the seasons

Summer * Spring * Winter * Fall
By:Brittany Fehr

A love that lasts beyond all seasons.

A love that is warm and bright, like a summer day.

A love that is beautiful and full of color, like the springtime.

A love that finds comfort and protection, when the cold winter sweeps in.

A love that is able to embrace change, like autumn leaves.

A love so strong, that when it reaches the fall, it will always return back to the warmth of summer.

Today was a fantastic day! The air was cool and fresh, the sky was a brilliant blue, the clouds lazily passed across the sky, the sun was radiant, the colorful trees swayed side-to-side in the wind, and the earth seemed to be at peace. Every day when I walk outside the world greets me, like we have just met for the first time. There is something tranquil and lovely about everything that surrounds me. If you just take the time to see it, the world has a lot of fascinating things worth noticing. It was the kinda of morning that makes you feel so happy to be alive! :) I love days like today.

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