Friday, August 27, 2010

the unexpected

Things can change so quickly, but you have to learn to embrace the unexpected. You have to. Otherwise you will live a life of panic and fear. Who wants to live like that!? Not me. If things change, let them. Something wonderful could come out in the end.

I will keep my head high and hope for the best. I will stay strong in who I am -- and hope my strength will rub off on the people around me, so we can be strong for each other. I believe trials and hardships are a part of life. The true test is if you can rise again after the fall.

Take my hand and look into my eyes and even though I hate goodbyes, they don't have to be forever. You're still there and I'm still here, but if you need a friendly face you can count on me to be there for you, still smiling.

Just because you feel lost doesn't mean I'm not willing to lead. There is a light shining down on you and I, it's leading the way to promises. The kind of promises that can't be broken and the kind of hope that only comes from faith.

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